International Aid Campaign (IAC) is a unity platform, a campaign formed by a committee of many organizations with the initiative of EHEE (the first Humanitarian organization registered in Maldives). The purpose and role of this campaign is specifically to create awareness about the situation for the Muslim Ummah and find ways to help and support them and generally to support and help those who are suffering all around the world, in Sha Allah. With this aim, our strong and enthusiastic team of volunteers, we completed 4 major aid events, “Help Syria Maldives” &”Help Rohingya Maldives” in the year 2017 and “Ghouta Emergency Relief” & “With Love to GAZA” in 2018. 


Ahmed Iqbal


Adam Naif

Vice Chairman

Ibrahim Shaz

General Secretary

Mohamed Ali

Director of International Relations

Azhadh Ahmed

Director of Media & PR

Munaz Abbas

Director of Finance & treasury

Nafea Naseer

Director of Policy & Administration

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