Welcome to the International Aid Campaign (IAC), an initiative of Ehee Jamiyya in partnership with over 150 local affiliates in Maldives, all united under the common goal of extending humanitarian aid to those in need worldwide. Since our inception in 2016, IAC has swiftly expanded its reach across borders, culminating in our registration as an independent international organization in Maldives in 2020.

In an era marked by ongoing conflicts and frequent natural disasters, the global refugee crisis continues to swell, leaving countless families internally displaced and without access to basic necessities. In response to these pressing challenges, IAC stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the ethos of our motto: “We Listen, We Care, We Act.”

Driven by compassion and solidarity, we remain committed to alleviating the suffering of vulnerable populations wherever they may be. Together, we stand united, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by adversity.


Ahmed Iqbal


Adam Naif

Vice Chairman

Ibrahim Shaz

General Secretary

Mohamed Ali

Director of International Relations

Azhadh Ahmed

Director of Media & PR

Munaz Abbas

Director of Finance & treasury

Nafea Naseer

Director of Policy & Administration

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