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Water well projects of IAC are targeted for water scarce locations to address the acute challenges associated with limited access to clean and safe drinking water. Communities in such locations face significant hardships due to water scarcity including impacts to agriculture, health and wellbeing. Water wells provide a sustainable water source that meets both immediate needs and ensure long term health and resilience of communities. It also contributes to empowerment, particularly of women and children, who often bear the burden of collecting water from far distances. Water wells are given special emphasis due to several reasons. In addition to immediate benefits such as easing access to life sustaining water for cooking, cleaning and other personal use, access to safe water contributes to prevention of water borne illnesses. Impact of water well construction extends beyond individual and community health to broader socio-economic development as well. Access to water is necessary for agriculture, livestock, and small-scale enterprises to thrive and by providing reliable water sources IAC contributes to improved agricultural productivity, food security, and economic opportunities for communities. Thus, water provision addresses immediate needs and also fosters long-term resilience and self-sufficiency in water-scarce regions. Water well projects are also given special emphasis because building a water well is one of the most virtuous deeds that a Muslim can do as charity. Water well projects constitute ongoing charity meaning water accessibility is facilitated for generations to come.

Provision of drinking water to more than 1,160 families in Al-Salam Neighborhood, Ataq, Shabwah, Yemen.

  • Drilling an artesian well with an expected depth of 150 meters in Al-Salam Neighborhood
  •  Operating the water well project within four months.

Expected Outcomes

  • 5800 people will benefit from Al-Salam Neighborhood, Ataq, Shabwah, Yemen
  • Availability of clean drinking water will ensure a clean and healthier environment for the IDPs.
  • Alleviating the diseases and epidemics caused by polluted water.
  • Sharing the workload of the local authorities represented by the Water Corporation in providing the basic services.
  • Reducing the financial and psychological burden of the beneficiaries by solving the problem of water.

Countries Supported

Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Somaliland, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Burkina faso, Tanzania, Kenya, Chad, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Rohingya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Pakistan

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